North Yorkshire at Christmas

RichmondwinterThe photograph above is taken just outside Gilling West, which is very close to Richmond. My Step Dad lived here and I visited his lovely home often before he and my mother were married. Isn’t this beautiful!

Richmond Market Square

Richmond Market Square

I lived in Brompton-on-Swale, North Yorkshire from 1967 until I got married in 1977. I wish I had appreciated its beauty more. Now I live in Colorful Colorado and share its majesty with you often. Today I would like you to see Christmas in Richmond, North Yorkshire, and its surrounding areas. It will make you eager to visit and see it for yourself.

Richmond Market Square in its cobbled Christmas Splendor, was a meeting place for young and old. The Saturday market over Christmas was a bustling fun place to be. 

Fairy Cake

Fairy Cake

Cupcakes have become the ‘in thing’ over here in the US, but in England, we called them Fairy Cakes. They were a Sunday treat.

You knew it was Christmas when the Friary lights were switched on.

Richmond friarylights

Richmond Christmas Shop

It looks like a storefront from days gone by, but this is a  Christmas shop in Grassington.

Oxford Street - Harrogate

If it weren’t for the lights, this street could be right out of a Dickens novel. Harrogate was a favorite shopping place at any time of the year, but during Christmas, it was beautiful.

From my home to your home, may you have a very Merry Christmas where ever you may be.

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