My Love of the French (Part 2) Road trip to Port Grimaud!

My Dad died in 1988, and left my mother lonely and grieving so we included her on our road trip to the South of France. We drove to Dover from our home in Winchester, and spent the night there before taking the Ferry to Calais. It was a great adventure for our four-year old daughter, made even more special because she got to share a room with her grandma (Feeble Ekkel). My mum was called Phoebe Ethel, but Feeble Ekkel was my young daughter’s translation.

The car we had at the time was a brown Saab Turbo. We certainly put some miles on it during that trip.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We broke up our journey with two overnight stops, the first of which was Dijon. We stayed in an old castle.

Castle in DijonIt was a fun night and I could hear (Feeble Ekkel) and my young daughter,  laughing like two kids, enjoying each other’s company. Even breakfast was an event. We continued our journey the following day, spending the next night in Grenoble. What a beautiful area. The roads wound through the pine trees and mountains. Isn’t this spectacular.


Finally, after three days on the road, we arrived on the Cote d’Azur. It was worth the trip. The dazzling blue Mediterranean took our breath away. We were staying in Port Grimaud which was gorgeous.Port Grimaud

We visited Cannes, Nice, St. Tropez, the small Island of St. Honorat and Monte Carlow while we were there. On our visit to St. Tropez, it was difficult to find parking, and when we eventually did, we found ourselves on a naturalist beach. The beach was beautifully kept, but the sunbathers were naked. When we broke this news to my 71-year-old mother she said

“I don’t mind, as long as you don’t expect me to take my clothes off too” st-tropez-images

Our two-week vacation was beautiful and memorable. My mum started on the road to recovery after my dad’s death and forged a close relationship with my daughter. She enjoyed food she wouldn’t normally eat and visited places she wouldn’t normally go. This was the second trip to France for my husband and I. We loved every minute of it and began to realize the people of France got a bad rap world-wide. The French are funny, helpful, sensitive, artistic, and very willing to please. They are quietly spoken and don’t like a fuss. They had a special place in my heart, right behind the people of Italy and I would visit again. I love the people of France.








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