The Wedding of the Century – the planning continues.

It does feel like I am planning the wedding of the century. When my family from England arrive, they will think I have lost my mind.

Back in 1977 my wedding and reception was a fairly simple affair. The reception took place at the Scotch Corner Hotel in North Yorkshire.



It took a couple of months to plan, all by myself because my parents were on vacation. I think they were trying to get used to the idea that their daughter was marrying a Jamaican. Times were different, but when they got to know him, they loved him.

I had three bridesmaids who wore blue dresses. My wedding dress cost around $150.00. The cake was made locally and cost $60.00.

The wedding was at the church on the grounds of  Easby Abbey, just down the road from Richmond, North Yorkshire. It was beautiful.

Easby Abbey CHurch


It was a warm humid August afternoon. Something old, was my pearl necklace bought by my mother, something new was the wedding dress of course. I can’t remember what was borrowed, but something blue was my underwear.

I walked down the aisle to where my future husband waited for me.

When I stood by his side he looked and me and said “Your nose is sweating” Yes he is a romantic type of guy. Because of a football injury he had trouble kneeling while Rev. Stegall performed the ceremony.

That all happened 36 years ago. We are now planning our daughters wedding here in Colorado, in Estes Park. It will be a beautiful day full of warm memories. We have wedding planners, make-up artists, hair stylists and a Momofuku naked wedding cake. How things have changed.

Oh and the price we will pay for my daughter’s wedding dress would have paid for my whole of my wedding back in 1977. Now that’s what I call inflation.



The photo above is where the ceremony will be performed. Isn’t it beautiful? The reception will be just as spectacular, and hopefully a wonderful party for 125 close friends from all over the country (and the world).



Stand by and watch my antics as I help arrange this event. I am sure there will be plenty of tales and mishaps as the plans progress. Maybe you can learn from them.


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