Why I love the French – Paris – The City of Lights

My last (but not final) trip to France was in August of 2007. We celebrated our 35th Wedding Anniversary there. Our journey took a little longer this time as our home is now Colorado. It was worth the trip. We arrived early on a Saturday morning, dumped our cases in the hotel, before going for a walk until our room was ready. Our hotel was located on the left bank, our favorite area, and we wandered through the Saturday morning markets.

Paris market

We felt at home immediately as we rubbed shoulders with the locals. Happy, but exhausted from our overnight flight we returned to the hotel and went to bed where we went to bed where we slept for five hours. Our brains had no idea what time it was. We woke up refreshed and then off we went  to explore Paris untill well after midnight. Heavenly, beautiful Paris.

For the next two weeks we walked for miles, we shopped, ate, took photos, sat in local bars, ate in small cafe’s and stayed away from the tourist areas whenever possible. Of course we visited Versailles, and the Louvre, who wouldn’t? We ate in the Jules Verne Restaurant half way up the Eiffel Tower. We watched a show at the Moulin Rouge, visited Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur, it was Paris, we had to.






























What did I like about Paris? The art, the museums, the buildings, the back streets, the restaurants, but most of all the people. The wonderful artistic, cultured French who made all of this. The last time I visited Paris was 2007, but I will be back.

Is Paris my favorite city, no it’s my second favorite because the most beautiful exciting city in the world is Rome. Paris comes a close second though.




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