Shoes Glorious Shoes!

Not many things in life make me as happy as shoes.

In the early to mid seventies I was a teenager and loved David Bowie, my footwear reflected it.David-Bowie

Silver platform boots

Silver platform sandals

For a while I liked Elton John too!

Elton Elton John

 Yes, I actually wore these.



I got married in 1977 and grew up a little. My first serious pair of shoes were bought in Russell and Bromley in Bournemouth, they were beautiful. In 1980 they cost me fifty pounds. That was a lot of money back then. They pinched my toes, but I managed to dance the night away in many discos, marvelling at how beautiful they looked. How I loved those shoes. They looked something like this, but were gold snake-skin.


Special shoes

Footwear became my addiction. I helped the economy of Italy with my purchases. High heels, peep toes, wedges, outrageous, beautiful, unwearable and gorgeous.

Fancy shoes


Bruno Magli


Everyone gets older and we have to tone down the heels as its neither becoming or comfortable to hobble about in high heels. It doesn’t mean we can’t be stylish though. Now I settle for…..

Cole Haan

Cole haan sandals

Donald Pliner


Attilio Giusti Leombruni


Now I keep the sales staff in Nordstrom shoe dept busy!



PS. I write stories too!

Preview Dead of July


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