Missing in Chinatown

China Town  San Francisco

China Town San Francisco




 Everyone who comes to San Francisco visits Chinatown, it’s part of the magic. 

My first visit was in May of 1999. We walked the streets, saw the sights and enjoyed the hustle and bustle of this magical city. The day are warm, but when night falls…..brrrrrr, cold. I still love the place though.

I think it may have been my second or third visit here that I found a great place to eat in Chinatown. It was inexpensive and the food was delicious. Of course I never noted the name. My husband and I shared a cheap lunch of fried calamari and hot and sour soup. It was the best we had ever eaten and we vowed to go back…..you guessed it. On our next visit to San Francisco, we couldn’t find it. Every trip since, we have searched, but decided it must have closed down. WRONG!

Here we are again in lovely San Francisco. My husband had to take part in a conference call on Friday afternoon, so I strolled through Chinatown on my own. I found myself outside a restaurant that beckoned me to enter, so I did. I immediately recognized it as the elusive place we had been searching for. More that five years after our first visit, I found it again so I am going to share it with you. If you want reasonably priced, authentic Chinese food search for the ‘Far East Cafe’. It is on Grant, between California and Sacrament streets (on your left if you are walking up the hill).

Far East Cafe is a shabby but, friendly Chinese Restaurant with fresh, authentic, inexpensive food.

Try it, you won’t be sorry.

Far East Cafe Food at Far East Cafe

Dead of July (Small)


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