Shitty Monday Poem

Crazy face


Accident Prone Sunday:

Mac Book Air wouldn’t charge, power cord broke,

Which meant a trip the mall

Getting in my car, slipped and banged my head

Saw stars, blacked out WAS I DEAD?

$79 for a power cord, bloody hell

What is it made of gold?

Came home preparing dinner I cut my thumb,

Man I’m getting old.

Shitty Monday:

Found it hard to get out of bed today,

Work pays the bills , so I got up anyway, wish I hadn’t,

The First phone call, what a bitch, no need to be so rude,

Smiled down the phone, nice as can be, even though not in the mood.

Home at last, a snack for dinner, got lots and lots to do.

vacuum the basement, make it clean, wait whats that shadow I see?

Water seeping under the wall, what the hell can that be.

The shower is leaking, what a mess, could this day get much worse?

Pendulum Red, lets open it now, god I so need a drink

Put my feet up, block the world out, relax give myself time to think

The plumber is called, the water turned off, what a monday this has been

Go to bed soon, forget all of this, and hopefully have a nice dream.


Really shitty monday poem for a really shitty monday!



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