Playa (not even slightly) Grande

What an awful waste of money and time.

The Playa Grande is a lovely looking resort in a beautiful setting, ruined by a lack of taste and class.

The staff work their fingers to the bone to keep the customers happy. For the most part the staff are polite and extremely helpful, but their efforts are WASTED! This hotel was clearly designed to be something special, but falls short in EVERY detail.

As I sit in my well-appointed, spotless, tastefully decorated studio I shake my head in disgust. I have to keep the sliding door to the deck and the beautiful sunset closed because the noise is too dreadful to leave it open. Two different tasteless clashes of music hit from opposite directions. There is loud music blasting from the pool area to NO-ONE!. The restaurant is having an Asian night, which I am sure is lovely, but the restaurant music and the loud thumping music from the pool do NOT compliment each other.

I thought I would try a quiet drink in the lobby bar, WRONG.

As long as I sat outside, overlooking the mini golf, it was pleasant. I couldn’t sit inside because the volume of the speakers, once again, was set so loud as to be uncomfortable.

What a shame such a tasteful lovely building has been so thoughtlessly planned. This could be a GREAT hotel, but falls short of even being adequate.  I will never return, and six out of every ten people I speak to say exactly the same thing.

Oh dear lord, now they are setting off fireworks.

My sympathies  to anyone who may have sleeping kids.

What a truly DREADFUL resort.  If you are looking for a year round Spring Break for badly behaved adults, pick this hotel.

If you are looking for a pleasant relaxing vacation in Mexico, give this dreadful bumbling attempt at hospitality a VERY WIDE BERTH!


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