Black Friday Blaaaaaah Day

There is so much hype about Black Friday. When I first moved to the US I had no idea what it was, I thought it meant something AWFUL was going to happen. When you look at the photos on the news, it looks like something awful already has.

Black Friday


SERIOUSLY? Can anything purchase be worth this?

Shoppers stand in line, overnight, in the hopes of getting a bargain. If someone beats them to it, a fight breaks out. Don’t you just LOVE the Christmas spirit!

I’ll meander though the mall leisurely when I decide to finish my Christmas shopping because I certainly don’t want to give someone a gift I had to fight for.

Looking forward to Saturday, the day of supporting local businesses, that’s what the season is all about.

If you have any ‘book worms’ in your family, check out my first novel. It would make a good stocking filler. The first five people who comment on my blog, with a photo of themselves holding the book, will bet my second novel for free! Give it a try.

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