Getting Lost in Rome

I had to re-blog Elena’s story because it was so entertaining and reminded me of the time I got lost in Rome. It was August 2011 and probably my third night in the city. My husband and I enjoyed a lovely meal in Campo De Fiori, a lovely vibrant, but small square just south of Piazza Navona.

Campo De Fiori

Campo De Fiori

We enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine and watch life the Italian way. Oh how I wish I were there right now. After a lovely leisurely meal I decided I didn’t want to rush back to the hotel, but maybe shop a little and take photos. Knowing my husband didn’t enjoy shopping , I told him I’d meet him back at the hotel. We were staying at the wonderful Hotel Grand Flora, located on Via Vittorio Veneto. The hotel, and the staff were amazing. I will return. 

Hotel Grand Flora - Rome

Hotel Grand Flora – Rome

It was growing dark when he left me. I wandered along the cobbled streets, drinking in the atmosphere. Shopping wasn’t an option as it seemed the little shops in that area closed early, so I took photos, people watched, and got completely LOST! After an hour of walking up and down small streets and alleyways, I got a little perturbed. Why couldn’t I find my way. It was a beautiful city, but I was tired and wanted to continue my sightseeing in daylight. As I walked along a street lined with Government buildings I was relieved to see the Polizia in their lovely Alfa Romeo parked at the side of the road.



Photography is my hobby, but I didn’t want to risk upsetting these guys, especially as I wanted their help, so I borrowed this photo from Google. It was much darker in my adventure. I do know a little Italian, but it escaped my brain when I most needed it. “Excuse me, I’m lost,” I said “I’m looking for Hotel Grand Flora on Via Vittorio Veneto.”

“Oh lady you are really lost, but I tell you how to get there.” I wish I could have recorded the directions, they were priceless. He would say walk to ….some road  which I couldn’t understand, and then he would clap his hands and say “Stop! Turn right,” and so it went on. Well obviously the well-meant directions didn’t work for me. A little further along the road, I stopped some people and asked them for directions. They were German tourists! Eventually I found my way back to the hotel, it really wasn’t far, I’d just been walking in circles. I didn’t even make it to my room, just sat at a table on the sidewalk and ordered a glass of wine. You thought this story was over didn’t you!!!! WRONG!

Funny Polizia
Funny Polizia

The following day I was wandering around, the way us tourists do, snapping photos and generally enjoying myself. I was on the lovely notorious street Via Dei Condotti when I spied a Alfa Romeo coming towards me. Owned one once, love them, and am very jealous that the Italian Police get to use them every day. You guessed it, I stepped into the middle of the road and snapped the above photo. The car pulled up next to me. Damn, I’m in trouble for taking his photo, I thought to myself. He rolled down his window looked me in the eye and said,

“Hey Lady, You still Lost?”


I laughed long and hard as I watched him drive away with a big smile on his face. I think I’d made his day! He certainly made mine.

I love to travel, take photos and I love to write.

My first full length novel is now available on amazon. The e-book should be there tomorrow. The book is about a young British Army wife and her adventures in Germany. Give it a try.

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