We all need it at some point in our lives. After being sick, a long day at work, an argument with a loved one, a disappointment, broken heart. Whatever the reason we all turn to something that makes us feel better, soothes our soul and of course, comforts us.

I am recovering from a nasty infection that prevented me from eating. I was so exhausted I couldn’t even read. Today, at last, I’m feeling a little better and ventured out of the house to do a little Christmas shopping. All day I craved fried chicken, my comfort food, and on the way home stopped and got a couple of nice juicy fried chicken thighs. I sat in front of the fire and savored every last morsel. I feel much better now.

My Comfort Food

My Comfort Food

The other thing I crave after being ill is a nice crunchy piping hot plate of fish and chips. I may treat myself to that next week.

Of course it would have been nice to enjoy an ice-cold glass of unoaked Chardonnay to wash the chicken down with, but I am still recovering. One step at a time.

What are your comfort foods?

What do you crave when you are upset, depressed, or recovering from an illness? I’d love to know.

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