When you catch yourself screaming “I want BACON wrapped around the dates not prosciutto!” you know the stress of planning a wedding is getting to you.

DevilsThat was a month or so ago, and I did apologize to the bewildered caterer. How could she be expected to understand the importance of bacon.

When the sachet’s of ‘throwing lavender’ turned up sealed with superglue…..I burst into tears.

lavenderWhat is wrong with me? My only daughter is getting married, that’s whats wrong. I’m stressed!  I want it to be a party of a lifetime for her, something to look back on with joy and happiness.




wedding cartoon

Ok my sense of humor hasn’t completely left me. For those of you planning weddings for yourselves, or your daughters…..take a deep breath when things go wrong and just carry on.

I have drawn the line at a couple of ridiculous things. Fifty dollars for two lamb chops? I think not! I did however give in to $60 a liter for organic ice cream (I told them to serve sparingly).

The count down is on, two months to the wedding. I will survive. Cake ordered, menu chosen, dress, shoes etc., all on track. The last hurdle is visiting the florist tomorrow at Estes Park. How much do flowers cost? I have no idea, but I will remain calm…..stay tuned for more escapades of the unexperienced, but learning fast, wedding planner.


Oh, by the way, along with all of this…….I’m trying to market my book. Don’t even ask me how that’s going!


Dead of July_Cover_in-template


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mithriluna
    May 01, 2014 @ 16:09:33

    Haha! I have so much to look forward to! My daughter is getting married the middle of July! Soon my blog will be all about THE WEDDING. 🙂


    • Sandra
      May 01, 2014 @ 21:17:57

      Weddings are a big party that take a lot of planning and then what do you do when you see your daughter in a beautiful dress, YOU CRY!. June 28th….I’ll be wearing waterproof mascara! Hope all goes well for you.


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