Knots in my Stomach and Funnel Clouds

After the rain.

After the rain.

I woke up this morning with my stomach tied in knots, which was a little alarming because it usually means something is about to happen. I lay in bed hoping and praying that my family were safe before taking some deep breaths and getting out of bed. It was awfully dark for 6am in late May. I peered through the blinds. Had I been transported to another State? Colorado mornings were almost always sunny, what happened? It was also very humid, which isn’t normal for Colorado. I switched on the local news and started my morning routine. The bubbly blonde weather lady was way too cheerful as she told us we could expect rain, egg sized hail and tornadoes later in the day!

She was right, I watched funnel clouds form this afternoon, luckily the ones close to my office never picked up any strength. It was exciting to watch though. Five tornadoes touched down in Colorado today, no major damage, just Mother Nature reminding us what she could do. This evening I enjoyed a beautiful sunset, but to the east I see another storm cell forming. It may be a colorful noisy night.

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