Making the best of the MUNDANE!

I had a good time in Chicago, but now its back to the mundane. The day I flew back home, I arrived in an empty house. A house that looked like a war zone….master bathroom re-model. It will be lovely when it’s done, but the mess is so unsettling. Couldn’t sit with it so I had dinner at the Stagecoach Saloon in Franktown. Made me feel better, made me feel at home.

Stagecoach SaloonSometimes we have to make the best of the mundane, break away from it when we can, and enjoy life to the full. Every second is precious, every breath is life.

Like a carrot to a donkey, my month in Italy dangles ahead of me. It’s not until next July, but I’m counting the months, weeks, days until I arrive in Rome. Ahh, I feel like I’m going home.






I love my home in Franktown Colorado, wouldn’t change it for the world….unless I could move to Italy, but for now, I’ll be satisfied with a vacation.


Still writing, still hoping to sell more books. One day I’ll live my dreams, until I do, I’ll just dream.

Dead of July available on Amazon and Smashwords (click on the book cover for Smashwords link)

Dead of July_Cover_in-template


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