Thanksgiving curse!

Heart shaped Christmas lightsNot the kind of curse to threaten anyone but me!

I got sick over Thanksgiving last year. I was home alone on the Sunday following Turkey Day! The pain and fever wasn’t the worst of my sickness. It was the hallucinations. I believed my mother to be with me. She died back in 2002. Other people passed through too, people who were no longer on this earth. I thought I’d died. It lasted a terrifying three days. Reality faded in and out.

When I finally clawed my way from my grave of sickness I was amazed to find our Christmas lights twinkling outside. Who had gone into the shed, retrieved them and hung them? Certainly not me, unless I did it in my pyjamas. In sub-zero temperatures I doubt it. The Christmas lights on the deck made the shape hearts, maybe my mother wasn’t a hallucination. Did she visit and magic them up in the shape of hearts to show she loved me? I suppose I’ll never know for sure!

It’s Thanksgiving again, and I’m not feeling well. Exactly the same symptoms as I had last year. Is it a Thanksgiving curse, or a reason for my mother to visit? My husband is here this year so at least I won’t be alone.




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