Unemployed! Not been in this position very often. I didn’t work when my daughter was young! We needed the money, but it was so lovely to be at home with this little cherub.


When we first moved to the United States I couldn’t work. It was nice for a couple of months while I got acclimatized, but then it drove me crazy.

Since 1997 I’ve been in full-time employment. Yes I’ve complained about it at times, but money helps with book publishing, traveling and all of those other things we amuse ourselves with.

I’m by no means idle in my current state. I spend a couple of hours each day job hunting and meeting with recruiters. At first I was a stressed out mess, but now, after five weeks, I believe I’m finding my feet. Whats the use of worrying, the right job will come along eventually. In the meantime I’m going to enjoy long walks, writing, taking photographs and generally making the most of my time at home. Being laid off sucks, but I’ll get over it.



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