No Job!

OK you guessed it, I wasn’t the successful candidate for the position I was so excited about. I was second choice! Runners up get nothing unfortunately. So I sit and analyse what I did wrong? Should I have asked more questions? What good does it do though, it won’t change the fact I didn’t get the job.

There are no further interviews on the horizon, yes I’m panicking. I’m not used to being out of work and I’m afraid I’ll never find another job. I have experience and a great track record, but what good is that is I can’t sit in front of some one and tell them about it. Another week stretches out ahead of me. I have a meeting with a recruiter on Monday so wish me luck. If she likes me maybe she’ll send my resume out to the right clients……fingers crossed AGAIN!

Thanks for letting me vent everyone, it really does help.



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