The Wonderful World of Job Hunting!

And we’re off! Yes Monday morning came with a trip downtown to visit another recruiter. I liked her a lot and she was very optimistic about my experience and prospects, so I left her office on a bit of a high, made even better when I bumped into an old friend in the same building. Had a nice chat about the good old days, and then I went home……and searched for jobs. Nothing new or exciting.

This afternoon I met with another recruiter, again optimistic. Great! Happy hour with a friend, Chardonnay always helps, and then home, where I have a voicemail from a company asking me to contact them regarding my resume. They want me to go in for testing, which will take approximately an hour. So prior to interviewing with this company I have to take a test! I know what the job is of course, because I applied for it. However, I have no idea what the salary is, but I have to take an hour’s test before I find out….oh this business of looking for a new job is so very painful. I wonder if it’s a personality test? If so I may need to take two because I’m told mine is split!



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