Tuesday arrives – still no job!

Still unemployed, but busy. This morning I called and made the appointment for my pre-interview testing. Next Monday at 9:00 a.m. What a way to start a Monday! With that sorted, I began my daily job search.You guessed it, the same old positions surfaced over and over again. If there’s a knack to this I haven’t found it yet.

I got a call from the recruiter I visited with yesterday, she wants to put me forward for a very exciting position, but I believe the interview process is lengthy and there will be a great many applicants. It’s a fairly high level job which I know I can pull off. Needing some air, I went out for a walk, exercise and crisp Colorado air always helps clear my head. I’d been walking less than five minutes when my cell phone rang. Another recruiter wanting to meet with me, sure she can find me the perfect position. They all say that, but why does it take SO LONG! I’ll continue applying for jobs myself and eventually something will come through. It has to!




Isn’t it just the way of the world, when we’re working we wish we weren’t. When we’re not working we wish we were.


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