Torture, Near Nudity and a few glasses of Wine.

I had a last-minute interview today, no time to be really nervous and no time to prepare. Maybe that’s the best way. I interviewed with two very nice, and very different attorneys. It shouldn’t have been so difficult, but because I try so hard, it was. I answered all of the questions well. I know I could do the job, but I felt like a babbling fool. Oh well, I have a feeling another one bites the dust. Interviewing is so hard.

I had to stop off and do my grocery shopping on the way home, can’t do that in a Hugo Boss suit, so I took a change of clothes with me and wriggled out of my suit and into my jeans in the parking lot of my local supermarket. Not a smart move. The truck I thought was empty actually had an elderly lady in the passenger seat. She was probably traumatized watching me strip in public……oh well.

Thank God I was meeting a friend for Happy Hour tonight. I needed more than a couple of glasses of wine to end the day. Thank heavens for country music, cold wine and fried food.



Stagecoach 1


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