To work or not to work!

I am so tired of sifting through job openings for the perfect position. You find it and then discover the salary isn’t worth leaving the house for. When I finally get an interview I’m over qualified, or under qualified. I’d love to hear the words, “You’re just what we’re looking for!” Wondering if that will ever happen again.

I’ve been unemployed for seven weeks. I know that isn’t long, especially when Christmas and New Year fell smack bang in the middle, bringing everything to a full stop for at least two weeks. It’s still frustrating though. I see the same positions posted over and over again. I know some of them have  been filled. I’ve received acknowledgments from some positions I’ve applied for, but not from others. I told you about my interview on Thursday with two very nice gentlemen. I don’t expect to hear back from that company for a few days, but I’m pretty sure it will be another rejection. It’s hard to remain confident when you have so many set backs.

On Monday I have to drive for a half hour, to take an assessment test before I’m even selected for an interview at another company. An assessment test? I have sixteen years of experience and I have to take an assessment test? The Jury is still out as to whether I should call and cancel.

I can see why people give up. I was offered a couple of positions in December, but the salary was so poor I didn’t accept. I have my standards! I suppose you could say so far, I’ve only interviewed for two jobs I really want, and the jury is still out on one. I know, I’m just being impatient, but the whole process of searching for a job, interviewing and then playing the waiting game is EXHAUSTING!

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