Shiny Red Back Ache and Math Problems

Mondays tend to be difficult don’t they! My husband leaves the house early for a 6 am flight to San Francisco every Monday so I’m awakened at around four o clock when he opens the garage door. I can’t understand why garages are always under the bedroom, not the smartest design.

This morning I wasn’t able to get back to sleep after he left. With a pre-interview test at nine, I wasn’t best pleased, but what could I do? I made myself look presentable, programmed the address into my Sat Nav and off I went. I had to do a written test, well several short tests actually, but the time allowed totaled an hour. I wasn’t allowed a calculator for the math. My tired brain struggled, but I think I did a reasonable job….one can only hope. If I did, then I may or may not be selected for an interview. If I am selected for an interview, I may or may not get the job. Is this ever going to end?

When I got back home, I scoured open positions on-line again, found a couple, but I have to admit, I’m getting lethargic, doubting my abilities.

No this is not my car.

No this is not my car.

Needing to do something constructive, I washed and polished my lovely red car. Although my back aches like crazy, my car looks lovely. It took over two hours! Maybe I should take it up as a profession. Seriously I’m trying not to give up hope, but its tough…..tomorrows another day I guess.



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