Daily Gripe, Restaurant Review and Birthday Treat.

Alright, my daily complaint is…..I HATE job hunting. It takes up so much time. Also it takes so very long for anyone to get back to you. It’s a waiting game. I dread checking my emails because I don’t want to read that one that says. Thank you for your interest, but the position has been filled.

Today was a gorgeous day in Colorado, over seventy degrees, a perfect day for a walk, so thats just what I did. I walked four miles, breathed in the warm January air and enjoyed the mountains. Doesn’t get much better.

This evening I drove downtown and had dinner with my daughter and son-in-law. I was impressed with the restaurant, so I am going to give it a review. We stopped for drinks in a Prosecco bar, which was very good, and then we ate in Work and Class. I’ve heard so much about this restaurant and finally got to try it. Lots of small plates and delicious appetizers. We shared goat, 1/2 jerk chicken and lamb. Each dish was cooked to perfection. All very different and delicious flavors. The sides we chose were cheesy polenta, Brussel sprouts and fried plantain. Yum! Seriously! We had three different salads for appetizers and then for dessert, my son-in-law had the butterscotch pudding, which he said was to die for. Work and Class is in the new and exciting RiNo district, an extension of LoDo and well worth visiting. A perfect place to be on a warm evening in January. It helped me to forget my stressful search for jobs….also my daughter paid! It was my Birthday Treat.


We tried this delicious appetizer!










This was all a great distraction from my daily routine of job hunting. Back to reality tomorrow.




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