Relax! Not ready for the knackers yard yet.

Another week of job hunting is almost over!

I woke up with a completely different attitude yesterday, not sure why! I’ve stressed and worried for almost two months now. Why? I’m not really sure, but most likely because I’ve never been unemployed before. I can’t remember not having a job for any length of time other than to look after my beautiful baby, but that was a LONG TIME AGO! I’m not broke (YET), so why am I worrying so much?


My beautiful baby


It’s probably and age thing! I’m on the wrong side of fifty and worrying that I’ll never work again. I never thought I’d reach this age, but I did….yeahhhh!

I popped down to the local bar tonight, the Stagecoach Saloon. It’s a wonderful local watering hole with great staff, great food and great people. It was my weekly therapy and I left with a smile on my face. Tomorrow is another day and if I don’t get a job tomorrow, next week is another month, maybe it will be my lucky month! I’m not going to give up. Theres life in the old girl yet!


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