Is it Over?

Yesterday, even though I had an interview, I woke up calm. I felt at peace with the world. I guess it just happens sometimes. My ten o clock interview went really well. I felt comfortable and relaxed. It was a job I could do, and would enjoy. The interviewers were really nice and asked great questions. I left feeling I’d done well.

I met a friend for lunch afterwards, which made my day even better. I ran some errands on the way home and got back exhausted. Interviewing does that to you. Anyone who’s been with the same company for a long time, and then has to interview, will know what I mean. Brain dead. I sat on the deck enjoying a sunny respite from snow, the next storm is due to hit today. I indulged in an afternoon glass of wine, just to wind down.

Then my cell phone took a life of its own. I had two more interview calls, followed by a call from HR in the company I’d interviewed with twice. Yes, the job I really want! A phone call is a good thing (emails are usually sorry but, no thanks), but a phone call is positive. I could hardly breathe.

“We’d like to move forward and check your references”

YES! So I haven’t had the offer yet, and it isn’t in the bag until I do, but it’s a good sign. Lets hope  my unemployment ends here because I’m sure you’re all bored with it.



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