La Pavoni – My Temperamental Italian

I’m on my second La Pavoni coffee maker. My daughter inherited the first one, a beautiful brass plated machine. Its a work of art. The one I have now is stainless steel, I changed it to fit in with my new kitchen. I bought this one in 2010, they last forever, and they make the BEST cappuccino and espresso in the world, but boy are they temperamental. It stands to reason, they’re Italian. I had a couple of Alfa Romeo cars when I was younger. Same issue, fantastic, but only when they felt like it. For me, the only coffee worth drinking, is cappuccino. That means froth, micro bubbles to be exact. When we first got this particular machine, you just stuck the nozzle in the milk and hey presto, micro bubbles. Well now its older and likes to do its own thing, which means I have to play along with it. 

Instead of just thrusting the nozzle into  the milk any old way, I have to judge the mood of the machine.

Sometimes the nozzle needs to be gently placed half in and half out of the side of the milk, with the container tilted back.

Next I listen to the noise the pressure makes as the hot steam blows into the milk, and adjust it to get it just right for micro bubbles.

The milk has to swirl around the container at a certain speed before the bubbles form.

There is no doubt that La Pavoni makes the best coffee in the world, but just like the beloved Italian (men) it does its own thing and its mood changes at will. Wait a minute, it sounds just like my husband…..but he’s Jamaican!

My first  La Pavoni

My first La Pavoni


My current Pavoni

My current Pavoni










Look at these beautiful machines, who wouldn’t want one. Its a classic Italian espresso/cappuccino maker, and like everything Italian, stylish and beautiful…..and very TEMPERAMENTAL.




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