Verizon Wireless – They SUCK! (in my opinion)

I’ve been with this phone company for ten years or longer. We pay them almost three hundred dollars a month for service to three phones and a tablet. We’ve been loyal customers! Wouldn’t you think they’d VALUE that? NO!

I recently started a new job, one of the perks is a 19% discount with Verizon. For me that would be a savings of approximately $60 dollars a month. Not to be sneezed at right!

After three attempts at trying to use this discount I’ve given up. It’s simply not worth my effort anymore! I’ve dealt with the very unpleasant manager in one store, and two very inefficient people by phone, one of which wanted me to fax him a copy of my Social Security card. Really, could anyone be that stupid? Sensitive information like that DOES NOT belong on a fax machine. It’s obvious that their intention is to do everything they can to prevent their loyal customers from getting a good deal.

Wouldn’t you think that they’d want to keep us happy? We can’t even cancel this crappy service because I recently got a new phone and renewed my contract. The cancellation fees are almost a thousand dollars. My advice to anyone looking to sign up with a cell phone company? Stay away from the large companies and give the newcomers a chance. They can’t be any worse!

Terrible Customer Service

Terrible Customer Service


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