Hotel ZaZa – A wonderful experience – despite a hiccup

Last weekend I took a trip to Dallas to visit my daughter. Yes she’s flown the nest and has a wonderful job in a new city. Hey Dallas isn’t far from Denver. I’ve only been to there once before on business, and stayed in the beautiful Hotel ZaZa. I was eager to visit it again. It didn’t disappoint! It’s a glamorous boutique hotel. A little different to anywhere I’ve ever stayed.

Hotel ZaZa

The rooms are large and beautiful, the beds comfortable. Dragonfly (the restaurant/bar) is a wonderful place to linger and serves the best Skinny Rita I’ve ever tasted. Seriously!


It was a very busy weekend in Dallas, graduation or something, and I was extremely lucky to get a room. Friday 15th May was my first night in the hotel, and I slept like a log.

Saturday came with a delicious healthy kale juice (love my juices ) and cup of coffee for breakfast and then my daughter joined me and we took advantage of the spa. She had a facial with Chantal or Chanel, can’t remember the exact name, but she was so good my daughter may go back regularly. I had a fantastic deep tissue massage from Juan. Excellent! My knots and tension disappeared.

After a long day exploring Dallas, I returned exhausted to ZaZa, where there was a large function taking place. Evening gowns and suits blended in well with the beautiful surroundings. “Oh no”, I thought “Its going to be a noisy night”

I went to bed and edited my upcoming novel for a while, and then read before falling asleep. As I drifted into slumber, I praised the hotel silently for being well sound proofed. None of the noise from the function downstairs reached me. Well done ZaZa……….and then I was awakened by an ear-piercing screech!

There was an argument in the hallway close by. I opened my door a crack and peeped out. Without going into details, I can tell you a small group of very pretty young ladies were brawling outside. They were obviously intoxicated because they were barely able to stand. The argument turned into an all out fight, which was comical because as they threw their punches, they were so drunk,  they lost their balance. One young girl proceeded to walk along the hallway towards my room, kicking her purse along in front of her and using words I haven’t heard in while. The disagreement continued for two or three hours with doors slamming at the end of each session.

ZaZa was in no way to blame for the bad behavior of a small group of very spoiled rude young people, who despite the attempts by ZaZa security to stop them, continued to act like idiots.

When I complained to Hotel ZaZa they were very sympathetic, and gave me reasonable credit for the inconvenience. This is a beautiful hotel. All staff members go above and beyond to help you enjoy your stay. They can’t know ahead of time that some guests will unruly and immature, but they did what they could to remedy it. If you go to Dallas, I highly recommend you give this hotel a try. You won’t regret it!

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