I’m a marketing dept NIGHTMARE!

I know marketing is how companies sell their goods, but I just can’t take it anymore. I stopped buying newspapers way before reading them on-line became an option. I stopped because over 50% of the paper was wasted on advertisements. Rain Forests were destroyed as I was encouraged to shop in certain stores or eat in certain restaurants.

The commercials on television (which thankfully we can now skip) explode from the TV screen at twice the volume of the show we try to watch.

Unwanted magazines and leaflets are pushed into our mailboxes.

When I go to check the weather on my local news channel I’m attacked by unwanted pop ups. I seriously drives me insane.

I would never ever buy anything if marketing for that product INVADES MY PRIVACY.

If I want to buy something I’ll research the best product in my own time and make my own decisions.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH – don’t push your goods on me, I’ll never buy them if you do!Advertising-Badly


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