The Joys of Travel

o-ANNOYING-facebookHome again after three weeks in Italy! The journey back was exhausting. Ten hours from Rome to Chicago and then two and a half hours from Chicago to Denver….feet swollen like balloons. Tired, sad, and then I had to encounter the rudest most arrogant man in Chicago Airport while boarding my flight.

Boarding Group 1 had boarded so the lady at the gate called for Group 2, my group. As I approached to show  my boarding pass a short irritating man waved a ticket in my face and tried to push in front of me. After over fourteen hours of airports and planes, I wasn’t in the mood so I stood my ground. The ticket remained in my face.

“Do you have a problem?” I asked the small irritating man invading my space.

“I’m first. Look my ticket says Group 1” he insisted.

“They’re boarding one and two now and I’m group two” I replied patiently. Really we all have seats booked so I couldn’t understand his issue.

“But I’m group one, I go first, I’m first,” he insisted again.

I seriously wanted to swat him like a fly. If he was ahead of me in the queue, or had been waiting for a while and accidentally missed the boarding call, I’d have let him go.

I turned back to him “if you are so eager to board the flight before anyone else you need to get in line a little earlier.” I said.

The annoying little man turned red and gave a nervous laugh. I guess he’s used to getting his own way…..not this time. I honestly couldn’t care less who boards before me, but really, the “I’m first” attitude got my back up.

OK, I’m done, thanks for letting me vent.


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