Wolf Spiders – A Nasty Incident!


Does anyone like spiders? I guess there are probably one or two freaks out there who do. Tonight I parked my car in the garage and hauled my shopping into the kitchen. As I unpacked it I felt something on my arm and swatted at it without looking, thinking it was a fly. I felt it move again and looked. Dear God I wish I hadn’t. On my shoulder, comfortable as can be, sat a baby Wolf Spider. Had it been fully grown my heart may have stopped beating completely. As it was I screamed and swatted it onto the floor. Then I ran in circles in the living room, yelling words I didn’t know I knew. Yes, I was alone! No one to rescue me or take care of the beast in my kitchen. I plucked up courage and approached the scene again. The spider sat on the floor, probably a little dazed because we spray the house for insects regularly. It wasn’t moving as fast as it could, but it was moving.

Sorry, at this point I can’t say I acted humanely. I didn’t touch the thing (ugh), but it got a fair dose of spider spray before I put the glass over it. It’s in Spider Heaven now, but I’m still itching. Dammit why do they scare me so much?


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