Dallas – Uber, Fancy Restaurants, BBQ, State Fair and Sports Bars

I really couldn’t have covered much more ground in three days. I arrived at DFW Airport on Friday October 2nd at around 1pm. My adventure began with my very first Uber reservation. As I stood outside the airport my phone rang. “Are you dressed in pink?” a strange voice said. Was this a pervert?

“No, actually I’m dressed in peach,” I replied hesitantly.

“Do you see a Dodge Caravan in front of you?” the voice continued.

I looked up and laughed, it was my Uber ride. What guy knows the difference between pink and peach anyway? He delivered me safely to the Marriott City Center. My husband was already there, and still working, so I unpacked and went for a walk. Lovely time of year to be in Dallas!

We spent a wonderful, but very expensive evening at the French Room in the Adolphus Hotel, celebrating my daughter’s Birthday. The surroundings, food, service and wine was outstanding.

I didn’t take a photo, it would have spoiled the magical atmosphere. Frenchroom

We ate the most delicious foods, paired with perfect wine. Expensive, but a fantastic special occasion restaurant. The staff was attentive, but not intrusive. I had the best Grand Mariner Souffle I’ve ever tasted. I’d recommend this restaurant to anyone who appreciates good food. Better even than Antoine’s in New Orleans. Seriously!

Saturday was a long fun (and food) filled day. We lined up outside the famous Pecan Lodge to get the best BBQ in Dallas. It was worth lining up for.



It was too early for me to drink beer, but the rest of my family washed the delightful BBQ down with a good dark ale and then tried to walk off the calories on the Katy Trail. We’d only walked a mile or so, when we found ourselves at the Ice House, where we imbibed in a little more beer, yes me too! More walking found us at a Whole Foods with a bar inside. Imagine that! We shopped and then enjoyed a glass of wine on the Whole Foods Patio. We finished our evening at the movie theater.  Black Mass proved that Johnny Depp can still act!

Today was another full day! Husband to the airport, daughter and I to Texas State Fair, (after an incident with a film producer in an M6 convertible offering her a job. Seriously). Texas State Fair was everything I expected it would be! Of course everything was deep-fried. We didn’t stay too long, but I’m glad I went.


The highlight of the visit was Bacon served on a skewer and fried in honey maple syrup. Delicious. Also jalapeno cheese bites YUM! We sat outside, drank beer and people watched. From the State Fair we went to a Sports Bar, two actually, to watch the Broncos play….thank heavens they won.


Now my long weekend in Dallas is over. Sadly I must return home. It’s probably for the best, if I stayed any longer I’d probably gain twenty pounds and need rehab!

But to quote Mr. Schwarzenegger…..”I’ll be back!”


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