Levofloxacin – A Necessary Evil?


Levofloxacin is an antibiotic that stops multiplication of bacteria by preventing the reproduction and repair of their genetic material, DNA. I posted about this drug last week, when I was on day two or day three of the prescribed course. I’ve just taken the last pill (one a day for ten days) and would like to recount my experience. 


I had a pretty bad bacterial infection in the lower part of my small intestine. I’d had it for some time and when I realized it wasn’t going away, I gave in and went to the doctor. I had blood tests and a CT Scan in an effort to diagnose my problem.

It seems the best drug to kill the bacteria was Levofloxacin. I was a little wary of taking it because I’m rarely ill, and extremely susceptible to medication, mainly because I don’t use it very often. I once took an Ambien. Slept for almost a week.

On day two of the medication I felt awful, wanted to cry all day. I felt fuzzy, tired and hopeless. I kept going and drank at least 80 fl oz of water every day, hoping to dilute the effects and get better. I managed to get up and go to work on a daily basis, but wasn’t myself. Fuzzy head, no energy and so glad to get home each evening. The first painful side effect was intense pain in my right shoulder. I cold barely move my right arm, or my head, because of the shooting pains I endured each time I tried. Thankfully that only lasted for two or three days.

Today I took the last 500mg dose and I’m so relieved I could dance (if I had the energy). I know what it feels like to have Alzheimer’s because today I’m disoriented, tired and confused. Also a couple of weird red blotches have appeared on my arm and hand. Is it related? I’m not sure, but I’m going to monitor them.

Has Levofloxacin (generic for Levaquin) cured my infection? I honestly don’t know. The side effects are so dreadful that they have outweighed what was originally wrong with me. Maybe by the end of the week I’ll know.

In this litigious society everyone wants to sue someone for something, and get rich. I’m not that person. What I want, and intend to do is kick these side effects very quickly, and I believe I will. However, for the less healthy, I’m warning you. Think carefully before taking this medication. I think for me it was a necessary evil, but not something I’ll repeat!

Levofloxacin may have been what I needed to get rid of my infection, but I know one thing for sure. I will never take it again.


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