Goodbye to Gluten

evil-bread-300x229I have not actually been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, but I’ve been ill for three months. Nothing seems to make me feel better. After being referred to a wonderful gastroenterologist, I started eliminating foods and researching symptoms. I know, the internet is a great tool, but most likely every doctor’s nightmare.

I’ve been feeling foggy in my brain at times, and felt discomfort in my small intestine as well as having low energy and generally feeling lethargic.  CT scans showed up a mass, which was possibly bacteria, but antibiotics didn’t move it. Since October I’ve been miserable, so I talked to my gastroenterologist and also took matters into my own hands. It’s my body after all.

I had weird little sores on my back, started throwing up for no reason, had no energy and just didn’t feel like me. I’ve never really eaten bread or cakes, mainly because I’m always trying to keep my weight down, but I discovered that every time I got sick I’d eaten either pasta, crackers, or something else that contained gluten!

Since Tuesday I’ve completely eliminated gluten from my diet, only three days I know, but when I woke up this morning I actually WOKE UP! I didn’t have a sleep hangover or feel bleary eyed (despite a couple of glasses of wine last night). It feels good.

So I’ll persevere and monitor my results. I’m sure being on a completely gluten-free diet will take some getting used to, but I feel because I don’t eat pastries and bread, I’m well on the way. It just means an awful lot of reading when I go shopping, as well as adjusting the recipes of a lifetime…..change is good right!


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