Look a little on the Sunny Side – The Monday Blues

I had the Monday Blues today! Oh everything went wrong. I shook my jar of green juice this morning, you guessed it, the top wasn’t on right. Green slime all over me, the coffee machine and the counter top.

I set off to work (late) and every car on the road was going at least ten miles less than the speed limit!

Got a cracked windscreen!

When I switched on my computer every email I opened presented a new issue to deal with.

My packed lunch was tasteless (no one but me to blame for that).

Rushed home for an appointment with someone at my house, got the day wrong, the appointment is set for Wednesday.

Missed delivery of a package I was waiting for…..and so it goes on.

So here I sit with a glass of crisp Italian wine, listening to a good old tune from my teens (now that was a LONG time ago). Its been playing in my head all day. It helped me back in the seventies, and it’s helping me today.

I thought I’d share it with you.


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