The Academy Awards – Hello Oscar

and-the-oscar-goes-to γαραφγαοαMaybe its time to make this a private party! I can remember the days when the Oscars were something to look forward to. The glamor, the acting, the music.

Hugh Jackman presented the last Academy Awards I enjoyed. He danced. It was a great night. I’ve only watched a couple since then and each time I’m disappointed. I get how hard it is to put a movie together, and those who do it are talented. Go ahead, give them an award and then lets read about it, or watch it on the television the following morning. I know, I wasn’t forced to watch it, it was my choice, but I think I’ll give it a miss in future.

As I watch tonight I feel very deflated!

I love good movies, but I look at the nominated movies and I wonder if it was just a bad year. I enjoyed Bridge of Spies, the Martian, Brooklyn and the Big Short. If I had to choose the best actor from all of these it would be Christian Bale, he truly played a great part in The Big Short. I thought The Revenant was AWFUL! The Martian was amusing, Matt Damon is a great actor, but seriously where have all of the great movies gone?

Just my opinion, maybe you all think differently.



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