The Evil Empire

hopperNo I’m not talking about the Soviets, Darth Vader, or Iran. I’m talking about Dish Network. Oh my goodness! For many years we had a ten foot dish. Felt like we were trying to contact Aliens when I first saw it, but in 1997, when you wanted to watch football (I’m talking about the British Premier League and European Football), you had to got to extremes to get the signal. Brits living in the US were prepared to go to those extremes. Especially Arsenal fans.

Things got a little easier, when we discovered a Canadian Satellite company had a footprint in Colorado, and we could catch their signal. You see, it’s not just watching the game, but also getting the commentary by a British Commentator that’s important. I think you have to be born in Britain to understand. Anyway Bell Express Vu did a grand job…..until they re-directed their signal. Unfortunately that cost me the top of my Aspen Tree! My husband thought the tree was blocking the signal, bought a special tool to reach the top and chop it off! I watched in dismay. Despite sacrificing a tree, there was no signal. The days of the Canadian stream were over. We had no choice but to sign up with one of the Satellite companies. Direct TV was not an option, never found out why, but my husband wouldn’t even talk about it. I’d heard too many horror stories about Comcast, so we signed up with Dish Network. That must have been a couple of years ago. Never liked the service much. You have to pay a small fortune to get dozens of channels you don’t want in order to get the one channel you do want. Their ‘Hopper’ is bulky and their ‘Joey’s’ just not convenient. We decided to get rid of them. Good riddance.

It took most of a Sunday morning and way too many words to persuade the agent on the phone we didn’t want their services anymore no matter what sort of ‘deal’ they could offer us. It took several more phone calls before we were eventually sent the boxes to return the equipment. When they finally arrived, it was like a London bus, two showed up at once. Last Saturday my husband bundled up the equipment and sent it back to Dish.

“At last we were free!”   WRONG!

I got home from work tonight and on my porch was a box from Dish Network. My immediate thought was they’ve sent us another empty box by mistake….until I picked it up. It was full of equipment, more Hoppers, Joey’s, remotes, receivers.

Is it Groundhog Day?



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