That Gluten Thing!

Over three months Gluten Free now! The difference to my health is amazing. Not that I was ill, just didn’t feel great! Now my stomach is so much better, even though I’m sure it’s still healing. To be properly tested for adult celiac I have to eat gluten again, not going to do that. I’m going to spare you the details about my bodily functions, but they are all back to normal again. I don’t need any medications, just a sensible gluten-free diet an a good probiotic regime.

I’m 59 and have eaten bread and other gluten products my whole life. I started feeling ill about three years, ago. Awful stomach discomfort, which would stay with me for two or three months and then seemingly go away. The doc gave me antibiotics (which made it worse) as well as other medications. They tested for ulcers, hyper pylori infections, bacterial infections, kidney infections, you name it, I was tested. Poked, prodded and bruised with blood draws until I could take it no more. Finally I saw a really good gastroenterologist who listened. She didn’t order more tests, just talked to me. Between us we figured it out. THANK GOD!

Anyway, here I am, gluten-free, feeling better and asking anyone out there in the same position if you have any good gluten free bread recipes? I’ve always made my own bread, and don’t want to start buying it now. I can go without bread, it’s not the end of the world, but……..trying to cut gluten out of my husband’s life too!



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