Southwest Airlines – I think NOT!

love-field-exterior-nightRemember when it was fun to fly? Really, it was once. Now I feel like a pay a great deal of money for poor service. I normally fly United, where the service is OK, not brilliant , but consistent. Yesterday, for the very first time, I flew Southwest Airlines from Love Field in Dallas. They came recommended so I thought I’d give the airline a try. Never again!

I was booked on an evening flight from Dallas to Denver, which was delayed due to storms. No one can predict mother nature, and the storm issue was quite understandable. Not the airlines fault. We boarded the plane 90 minutes late, but that’s OK, a storm is a storm, you have to live with it.

However we got on the plane and waited and waited and waited. Around thirty minutes after closing the doors, we were told we were waiting for a box of parts, which needed to go to Denver…… Wait a minute, wasn’t this a passenger flight, why do we have to pay for our seats, but wait for a box of parts before we can take off? The parcel arrived and was loaded on the plane. Yea….lets take off!

No such luck! We waited, and waited and waited and…….eventually we were told the pilot had flown too many hours already and couldn’t fly us to Denver…WHAT? Didn’t he know that before we boarded? “We’re going to try to find a new pilot, or re-work the numbers to make the flight shorter”….WHAT? Again we waited, and waited and waited…….

Eventually they manipulated the numbers and the flight took off. Instead of arriving home at 10:35 PM, my flight landed at around 1:30. I got home extremely late and my Memorial Day weekend was ruined.

Thanks Southwest Airlines! I won’t be using you again.


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  1. ksbeth
    May 30, 2016 @ 18:35:42



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