Retirement Plans and Porchetta

Have you ever tasted porchetta?

Today didn’t quite go as planned (again). The church bells chimed as I opened my eyes, letting me know it was 7:15. Lovely to sleep so long, but unfamiliar to me!
By the time we’d eaten breakfast, and I’d taken care of a couple of chores, it was 10:00 am.
Time for a cappuccino in the square, followed by a walk.
The cappuccino was glorious, sitting in the sunshine surrounded by soft musical Italian chatter, what could be better? Our good friend Nino came by and presented our bill for water and commune services, that he’d picked up for us. What would we do without him? We decided to pop into the post office and pay it before we walked. Thats when the plans went awry.
Due to COVID, only two folks can enter the post office at one time (social distancing is a good thing), and there was already a queue.
The meat van was parked across the road and the aroma of rotisserie chicken, porchetta and arrosticini was very persuasive. The longer we waited, the harder it was to resist. After paying the our bill in the post office, we tried to ignore the aromas and walk past the van, but to no avail. Before we could stop ourselves, we’d ordered porchetta, our mouths watering as we watched the delicious meat taken out of the rotisserie.
Maybe I should stop planning and just go with the flow!
Will I be able to resist the wood fired pizza van tonight??? Stay tuned and I’ll let you know.

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