New Year, Itchy Feet, New Projects…

This beautiful view is from the top of my village. I leave my house and climb the steep steps through Belvedere Colle to reach this vantage point. When I first moved here it was so difficult, but the steep climb is easy now. I should do it every day, just to remind myself why I moved here. Of course there are lots of other reasons, but the view is very close to the top of the list.
Not everything in life is perfect though, and now I’m at a loose end, looking for a project. Should I concentrate on my writing? Yes I have another book in the works. Shall I explore the countryside on my new electric bike? Yes, of course, but the weather has to get a little warmer.
January is not my favorite month. I don’t feel like it is a month of new beginnings, it’s drab and dreary and chased by February, which isn’t much better. When March arrives I feel much better, but unfortunately March also gives me itchy feet, makes me restless. I know, I’m in my sixties and I should settle down, but I can’t. I’m a traveller, a writer, an adventurer and a crazy Brit who just can’t keep still.

What will 2022 bring…yes, there is a project in the works…what is it? That would be telling.

Stay safe everyone, and keep stopping by to see what this crazy old girl will do next.

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