Travel and me

I was born to travel. I can’t say I have travelled the world, but I’ve been to Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Mexico, Maui, oh and England (where I was born and spent the first thirty-eight years of my life)!  I’ve lived in America since 1995.


My home is Franktown Colorado, where I intend to stay.

Favorite places in the U.S. are San Francisco, New Orleans and of course New York.  Who doesn’t like New York? I had a lot fo fun in Princeton.  Kansas City was a lovely surprise! Oh and Memphis, I was only there for one night, but can’t wait to go back.  North Carolina, charming.  Arizona, hot but I enjoyed it. Vegas…….well the Four Seasons was nice, and the Cirque de Soleil (Zumanity) was incredible. Not sure I could spend more than a couple of days there.

You get my drift……I love to travel!

The current photo on my blog was taken in in the grounds of the beautiful Hotel Villa Maria in Ravello.

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