Do it yourself diet – Days 3,4 and 5

The struggle continues on day three.

Breakfast:  crisp bread and salmon.

Beverages: Two cups of fat-free latte and lots of water.

Lunch:  Two ounces of cheese and an apple

Dinner: Solitary (but rather large) pork chop.


Yes, this was a slightly better day, but how did it look on the scales?

I got up on Tuesday morning, took a deep breath, and stepped onto the dreaded contraption.

At last, I lost some weight, three pounds to be exact. Just enough to give me a boost and the will to continue.

I did well on day four, eating small portions of vegetables and protein.

On Tuesday night I went to my weekly Turbo Kickboxing class and worked my little heart out. It made me feel good. After kickboxing I was too tired to prepare a meal, so I had a bowl of cereal for dinner, not perfect but it hit the spot.

I weighed on Wednesday morning and the three pounds had stayed off, so I was content. Why is dieting so hard?

My day at work today was straight from h*#@. It started badly and deteriorated. I should have been at a ‘body pump’ class tonight, but couldn’t get away from work in time.

By the time I left work the only thing in my head was wine. My friend and I stopped at a bar instead and had a glass of Chardonnay (well actually two). Wine always means nibbles so we ordered some pita chips and artichoke dip. OOps I forgot I was on a diet. Now I have to weigh in tomorrow again. Wish me luck!



The Diet (Day 3) A small victory!

It’s a beautiful Monday because it is 8:20 and I am sitting in my PJ’s drinking coffee….hurray for Presidents day! There is a dusting of snow on the ground, but I am warm and snug inside with a very busy day ahead of me. I am about a quarter of the way through re-reading my latest novel before sending it to be edited. Hopefully it will take my mind off food.

I had a small victory yesterday. I lost the half pound I gained the day before….. I looked up something that weighs a half pound and came up with the iPad.

I have an iPad and it isn’t very heavy, unless you carry it around in your purse for a long time, then you feel it. So you see, every little bit of weight lost is beneficial.

Yesterday I did fairly well with dinner. I substituted wild rice for mashed potato, and only had a small portion. I ate more of the delicious pork than I should (but not as much as I wanted to eat). I filled up on brussels, mushrooms and red peppers.

I also had a couple of glasses of ‘Bogle’ OVZ. Red wine is good for you in moderation right?

Whats on the menu for today?

Just had breakfast of a small portion of smoked salmon on two Ryvita (crisp bread) and a latte made with low-fat milk.

If anyone is dieting along with me, I would love your input. Remember, I am not a dietician, I am simply experimenting with food to see which food suits me best. I want to be healthy and skinny.

Have a fantastic President’s day and remember, you only get one shot at life, don’t procrastinate… it!

The Diet! (Day One)

Dieting is a journey too! It is a difficult journey filled with peril.

In 2009, I decided to take control of my weight, and signed up with one of the leading dietician companies. Over a thousand dollars and four months later I had lost 40 pounds. Everyone thought I was a little too skinny, but I though I looked great.

I stayed a very skinny 143 pounds (I am five feet eight) for two years and loved being that weight.

Now in 2012, 20 pounds crept back on…….do I part with my money and sign up with a diet plan again? I think not.

Do the diet plans work? Of course they do, but once you are finished, no matter what your good intentions are, you can’t continue to eat that way. It’s boring. Cooking is one of my hobbies (go figure). I love good wine too. Yes I snow board and work out, but that makes me hungry!

I have decided to work on my own plan, a plan that suits me and you can monitor my progress.

What do I stand to gain (or lose)?

My gain is the $1000, which will remain in my pocket. My loss? Twenty pounds I hope. Follow my journey and lets see where I end up.

I will check in with you all at least three times a week so you can monitor my progress and share my battles.

Feel free to join me, and to comment as you see fit.

Day 1 (not really a diet)

Breakfast:   8 am. Tea and two slices of toast with marmalade. A glass of grapefruit juice.

9 am. Latte with 1% milk.

Busy day. Spent 2 1/2 hours at the hair stylist, shopped and didn’t get chance to eat again until 5 pm

Ate at the Stagecoach in Franktown. Deliciously bad!

Dinner 5 pm. Glass of Pinot Grigio and some chicken fingers (zinger style) with freedom fries.

You probably are wondering how I can call this a diet. Well, I am dieting for the rest of my life, so today is my (eat what you want) day.

I will weigh in tomorrow and let you know how it worked out.