Living in Colledimezzo. It’s the little things that make a difference.

I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The views are stunning.
For a couple of months I still felt like a fish out of water because I’d lived in Colorado for over 20 years. I knew my home town and surrounding areas very well so shopping, getting my hair done etc., was all a routine. Didn’t take any thinking about.
When I moved to Abruzzo, even though I’d vacationed here for a couple of years, I had to find a new routine. New places to shop, get my hair done. Quite a task. I over thought everything!!!!
It’s nice to go grocery shopping in the nearest town when I need to, but…our village has a small grocery store which stocks everything from fresh fruit and veg to wine! I decided to try the hairstylist in the village. She’s really good, I’ll stick with her. I ran out of eye creme (a girl has to have a good eye creme), so I thought I’ll give the local pharmacy a try…guess what. The nice young man who tested me for COVID when I arrived, and fills my prescriptions, is also comfortable talking about eye contours, and found just what I needed!
Not bad for a village of a little over 500 residents. The simple things make all of the difference.

Gluten Free January!

January has both flown and lasted FOREVER! Christmas seems so long ago, but only yesterday. Is this what happens when you get older? Or maybe its just peculiar to January. Both myself and my son-in-law had a Birthday smack bang in the middle of the month. Nice for my son-in-law, but not for me. I’ve never liked my Birthdays for reasons I’ll not bore you with, but I put on a brave face and get through them.


I know just how he feels!

I found this photo on Deserts with Benefits and had to share it.

If you follow my blog, you’ll remember I haven’t been well. I got tired of CT scans, needles and being prodded and poked so after talking to a very matter-of-fact gastroenterologist I decided to give up gluten. Since January 1st, I’ve been completely gluten-free. After a few days I felt better, much more awake. I was both thrilled and excited at the difference and expected miracles to follow. The miracles never happened. Another two weeks passed and I wondered if I’d willed myself to feel better because I wanted an instant cure.

Then early last week I realized that when I touched my stomach in the places that had been tender, it didn’t hurt anymore. It didn’t feel uncomfortable and bloated. I looked at my reflection in the mirror (not a pretty sight), but prettier than it looked a couple of months earlier. My tummy was no longer swollen.

Maybe gluten is the problem, I know I have a long way to go before I know for sure, but one month gluten-free has certainly made me feel better. My energy is returning.

I haven’t bought ‘gluten free’ breads, crackers, cookies etc. I gave up processed food a long time ago. Instead I’ve eaten much more fruit and veg, baked with almond, coconut and semolina flour and bought rice noodles instead of pasta. It hasn’t really been a hardship. When I used semolina and almond flour to make my husbands favorite cookies I didn’t tell him. He took a bite and looked at me.

“These taste good,” he said, “what did you do different?”

I think cutting gluten from my diet has been a good thing. Not out of the woods yet, but I can see the sun piercing the trees. I’ll give you an update one month from now. Fingers crossed I’ll be healthy and full of energy. New lifestyle for 2016!