The Bumpy Road!

eBook Cover

When I started writing I knew fame wouldn’t come overnight. It may NEVER come but, I do love writing. I self published a couple of short stories back when eBooks first became popular. Over fifty thousand were down loaded and I was overwhelmed with the reviews, both good and bad. It was a great learning experience.

I took my next book a lot more seriously and worked with good folks to perfect it. Perfecting means working with a copy editor, content editor, publisher and proof reader as well as finding someone to make it look good as an eBook.

This book was Dead of July. It got some great reviews. Not many authors are lucky enough to have a best-selling first book and I was no different, but I learned from it and haven’t given up.

Ghosts on the Sand is my next venture, and the Content Editor I’m working with on this book is phenomenal. She’s giving me a confidence I never knew I had. Ghosts on the Sand will be published later this year in a collection of short, chilling tales. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the book that gets me noticed.

It’s a bumpy road, but I’m a tough old bird!



Guy at the Bar – King William IV – Brompton-on-Swale

My book is in print

I rushed to get this book in print so I could take it back to England with me.

I wanted to take it back to the King William IV in Brompton-on-Swale, which is where the story began.

It wasn’t to be, the pub is closed.

I don’t give up easily though, I can still take this back to England with me, back to the village the story started.

You can purchase this directly from my website Words from beyond  using a credit card. 

King William IV - this is where my story started