Italian Friendliness and Creativity!

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I read a newspaper on line called “The Local, Italy” and one of the articles today made me smile. After making a couple of changes to reference Colledimezzo, I’m sharing it with you. It sums up what makes life in Italy so special.

The ten positives you’ll notice when moving to Italy from the US (or the UK)

The beauty
The way you can “stumble upon” beauty anywhere. The gorgeous architecture in churches and other buildings as well as small points of beauty such as the way someone has arranged their garden flowers.

The patience
The patience of the people with my poor Italian, the way they apologize because they don’t speak English! (Not necessary to apologize — this is Italy!).

The church bells
The sound of the church bells ringing, randomly as well as gloriously at 12 noon in the piazza.

The kindness
I asked the pharmacist how to contact the physiotherapist that lives in the village. When she couldn’t reach him by phone, she ran across the street and knocked on the door of his grandmother’s house to see if she knew where he was.

The friendliness
The way at holiday time, everyone greets each other with Buon Natale or Buon Anno.

The openness
The way you can meet people in a restaurant and become friends for life.

The history
No need to explain, it is overwhelming. The tiny village pf Colledimezzo (my home) brags of castles, palazzos and enough WWII stories to keep you enthralled all night.

The seasons
Here in Italy every season unfolds with such beauty and is distinct and wondrous.

The people
The old men sitting in cafes talking endlessly and watching the world go by. And the way every single Italian has an opinion on most things, and loves to share it.

The security
The feeling that I am safe and never alone. People are always willing to help.

The creativity
The creativity used to make everything work… somehow.

Monty Python got it Right!

Three weeks into 2014 and already I’m stressed.

My basement has been flooded twice due to leaking valves.

I lost my debit card.

Getting my taxes ready is giving me nightmares.

I have a wedding to plan, which I know will come around quickly.

My diet isn’t going quite as well as I planned, but I just won’t let these things get me down. Most of them I can control so I will!

The Monty Pythons song came to my mind as I tried to talk myself out of being miserable… worked.

I achieved a lot last year. I had my book published and actually sold a few copies. Click on the book cover below to purchase your copy from Amazon. If you don’t read, but know someone who likes ghost stories/thrillers, tell them about it. Even better buy them a copy. Help chase away my 2014 blues.

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These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Sitting on my deck with a glass of wine watching the sunset!

Flowers at Richmond Castle - England 2011

Flowers at Richmond Castle – England 201

Visiting beautiful places.


Getting together with family


We should all do our favorite things a little more often.

Dead of July (Small)





ALWAYS the Optomist!

Tomorrow will be better.

Do you feel like you say this to yourself on a daily basis? I do!

Does life seem to get more complicate as you get older? Mine does. Why is that?


When I moved to the US from England I planned on getting a little part-time job. Not sure what happened, but this cartoon pretty much hits the nail on the head.

As well as having a demanding full-time job, I have a home with three acres of land, I am a fiction writer and I manage my husband’s small business.


All this is fine as long as there are no hiccups. Last week there were lots of hiccups. My office moved to a new location, yes moving is always stressful.




I drove a different route to get to my new office EVERY DAY, in search of the shortest way. I did find it, but it meant paying to use the toll road…..AHHHHH!




The office movers broke my NEW computer.

My file server at home broke.

I found bat in my house (the brown furry type).

My patio door started leaking.

How do I handle the added stresses  – you got it! Picked myself up and shook myself down – and kept my wine glass full. (filled to the bloody brim)


The Journey of Life

In 1957 I was born to a loving mother, and a father who loved alcohol, working mans clubs and greyhounds.

In 1967 my drunken abusive father was a distant memory. My mum had re-married and we lived in a lovely village in North Yorkshire with my step dad. I was no longer the ‘odd one out’, or was I? I was always a ‘little different’.

I didn’t have to go to jumble sales to get my clothes anymore. The pantry was full of food. My step dad loved me and tried hard to make up for the years my mum and I struggled. Life was normal at last.

In 1977 I got married to a British soldier. It was a controversial marriage at the time because he was ‘black’ and mixed marriages were still frowned upon a little. It was an interesting and very enjoyable wedding.  I was very happy. We went to Babbacombe for our honeymoon. I was young and in love.

Have you ever noticed that the first ten years of your life seems like and eternity, the second ten goes a little quicker…..after that, its warp speed.

By the time 1987 came around I had lived in Dorset, which is the most beautiful county in England. I also lived and Dortmund, Germany for three years.

Whilst living in Dortmund, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl…Joanna. It was so hard to think of a name as I was convinced she was going to be a boy (Benjamin). The name Joanna came from the ‘Kool and the Gang’ song. It is the perfect name for her because the love and happiness she brought into our lives made us want to sing.

By the time 1997 came around, my husband had left the British Army to work for the Bank of England. After working for the Bank for five years, and living in Kent we moved to Denver, Colorado.

Colorado is beautiful.

In 2007 my beautiful talented daughter had left home, was done with college (DU), but still worked on her Masters. She had a full-time job and was already smarter and more successful than I would ever be. I had been married for thirty years and my unromantic husband surprised me and took me to Paris for a vacation. We went to the ‘Jules Verne’ for our Anniversary dinner. It was spectacular.

The ‘Jules Verne’ is half way up the Eiffel Tower. It is a beautiful unique dining experience and was the highlight of our trip to Paris. It was a fabulous vacation. We stayed on the left bank, which in my opinion is the ‘right’ side of the river. We went to the ‘Moulin Rouge’, which was a great experience. We drank champagne every single night, and we were very sorry to leave.

Now it’s 2012 and I have been married 35 years.

My beautiful daughter has a very good position at a successful company as well as going to Law School.

My husband is well-respected in his field and works very hard. He also runs his own IT Security Company.

And what about me? I have a good job too, but I also write and writing is my passion. I have finished my very first full length novel, of which I am very proud. Would I like to be a best-selling author? Of course. If it doesn’t happen it won’t break my heart though because I know I have given it my best shot.

I have written two short stories, based on my life experiences, which have done pretty well. They should have been edited better, but I was still a novice. My novel ‘Dead of July’(Preview) Dead of July will be edited and polished before it is released later this year. I am proud of it. My life has been quite a journey and I have lots to write about so this novel may be the first of many.

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