Ode to Ethel

A single mum for years, you made my clothes,
You were a newly wed at fifty, I came on your honeymoon,
I was a teenager of the sixties, you didn’t understand,
But you tried,

When I was fifteen I persuaded you to take me to Italy, what fun we had,
When I was seventeen you taught me to drive, not an easy task.
You taught me to cook, to love and to forgive,
I was a handful mam, a new generation,

You came and stayed with me in Germany, when I had my child,
How you loved Joanna, and nursed her to let me sleep,
You crossed the Atlantic when we moved to America, you were in your eighties,
I never saw you again alive, but I tried,

In 2002 I flew to England, you hadn’t long to go,
Alzheimer’s had you in its grip, and you weren’t well,
I missed you by a couple of hours, but I’m sure you knew I was there,
I still miss you mam,









Happy Mothers Day Mam – I know you’re watching over me.


A very long time ago, but really only yesterday, I was a child,

You watched over me mam,

I was a teenage rebel, if there was trouble, I found it,

But you watched over me mam.

You raised me single-handedly when you fled the violent man who hurt you,

You watched over me mam,

You found a good man to love us both, we survived, and thrived,

You watched over me mam.

And now I live in a different country, far away, with a family of my own, and a grown up daughter,

I watch over her mam,

There’s a chair on my porch, and I sit there and talk to you, I know you hear me,

Because you’re still watching over me mam.

Happy Mothers Day – I love you. You’re in heaven now, but I don’t miss you because you’re here watching over me Mam!