Black Friday at the Old Stone Church

Black Friday here in the US. Everyone is bustling for bargains. I’m not really sure that the so-called bargains really exist, but I’m certainly not going to brave the crowds to find out.

Last year, on Black Friday I wandered through the beautiful streets of Vail, where I bought a couple of things, had a couple of glasses of Champagne, and relaxed. As each year comes to a close I tire of stress. This year has been more stressful that most, construction problems, health problems and just a lot to contend with. My construction is finished for the most part. I’ve got my head around my health issues, so now, I’m going to sit back and relax. Today is my husband’s birthday SIXTY ONE! Can’t believe it. How did we both get so old. When we met, back in the seventies, we thought we’d be young forever. Well, nothing lasts for ever I guess.

the-church-restaurantToday we’re going to celebrate his 61 years on this earth with a nice lunch and a couple of glasses of wine in the ‘Old Stone Church’ restaurant in Castle Rock Colorado, and then maybe do some shopping small town style.


Gordon Ramsay – Maze

Scary but GREAT

You may look at this photo of Chef Ramsay, and be a little afraid. He looks like a manic version of Edward Scissorhands, but he is a culinary genius and I never tire of watching his kitchen nightmares.

Gordon Ramsay creates delicious works of art.

At last, I am going to eat in one of his restaurants. I am pretty sure he won’t actually be there, but his influence will. I am looking forward to a relaxing evening of good food and good wine.

Next time I see his wonderful London Restaurant on television, I will be able to say with great pleasure…..I have eaten there!

Mr Ramsay, on Saturday June 4th, the Thompson Family are having dinner with you, our trip from the US back to the UK will be much better for having visited your restaurant.