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One of the great things about today was I actually needed to set my alarm to wake me up at 7:00 am! That may sound nothing to most of you, but I normally rise and shine at 5:15, so actually sleeping to 7:00 am is quite an achievement.
We spent a beautiful day on a pontoon boat on a Grand Lake in the Rocky Mountains. It was a perfect, sunny beautiful day. Everyone laughed and talked, drank a little wine, shared stories. If only life were always so relaxed and simple.
Now, I’m sitting on the patio of a great rental home in Fraser watching the world fall asleep.
Life is good

Magical Snowfall

I looked outside and my garden was transformed into a glowing fairyland. By spring I’ll be tired of the snow, but right now, its magical.

DSC04001 More

Basking in the Colorado Sun and….


Watching the Mountains change color with the snow.

At Last – The Real Colorado

DSC02949I’d forgotten how beautiful Spring time was in Colorado. We’ve endured a month of floods, dark clouds, hail and torrential downpours. Those of us who love this magnificent state were perplexed by the weather. Awakening to dark clouds and rain every morning just isn’t what we’re used to.



And now Colorado is brimming with the glory of Spring. Life is good.

Keystone – On Top of the World


A trip to the top of a mountain never disappoints and this was no exception.

Dead of July_Cover_in-template

Dead of July – click on the book cover to learn about the author.

Bring on the Summer


Love my home in Franktown, Colorado. I love the  tranquility, the view, the people and the solitude. I also love the local bar, the Stage Coach.

Although only 45 minutes from downtown Denver, I enjoy over three acres of peace and quiet. I wake up every morning to a view of the Rocky Mountains. Pikes Peak to my left and Devil’s Head to my right.

Deer graze in my backyard. I don’t hear the noise of neighbors or any highway. I am truly secluded and I love it.

All I need now is the Summer.

So bring it on, I am ready.


All in the space of a week – Sunset and Snowrises!

DSC00172Dramatic and beautiful


Cold and deep

Welcome to Spring in Colorado!

Love and Marriage – The Wedding

It had to happen eventually, I have a beautiful daughter, and one day she had to get married. I’ve thought about it, dreamed about it, dreaded it and longed for it and now its going to happen.

The event is planned for summer 2014 and will happen somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, most likely Estes Park. There are so many beautiful places to choose from.


On the left is the enchanting Della Terra Mountain Chateau. Who wouldn’t want to get married here?

Look at this fabulous view from Taharaa Mountain Lodge. (below)


For then next eighteen months I will need to forget the $$$$ and concentrate on the best place to make beautiful wedding day memories.

I am at the beginning of the wedding planning journey with a lot to learn, but looking forward to the experience and eager to make it a memorable day.

To love!


Lets put our glasses together, and drink to the happy couple and the start of a new adventure.


The Balloon has landed!

I had every intention of getting to work on time on Friday, and then I looked out of the window. The brightly colored balloon against the beautiful Colorado morning sky was much too good to ignore.

For a moment, I thought it was going to land in my back yard. It almost did. It would have been very welcome. Maybe next time.

Once it had safely landed, I went to work.

Springtime in the Rockies

Phew was I stressed yesterday. If you read my venting post you will understand. Luckily for me, I live in Colorado, the most relaxing place in the US.

I woke up this morning to a beautiful snowy scene. With temperatures in the seventies last week, it was a bit of a shock, but how pretty.
































You can’t stay stressed for long with views like this. 



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