A spectacular storm

As I sat on my porch enjoying a Pironi I watched a spectacular storm approach. It my bring rain, which we need. Lovely billowing golden clouds.












The wind is starting to howl, the local dogs are barking, and the crickets have gone silent. They sense something coming.

When it rains….it POURS.

After watching Colorado burn for the last few weeks, it was nice to get some rain. Of course Colorado always goes from one extreme to  another and this afternoon was extreme. I love Colorado storms, providing I am watching them from a safe place. One thunderbolt almost knocked me off my feet today. It sent me running for cover, much to the amusement of my husband, who had been threatening to increase my life insurance for years. Yes I would chase tornadoes too, given the chance.

The one thing I have learned about Colorado storms is they are intense, dangerous and very exciting.

And after the storm, the local wildlife enjoy the moisture.

Now the temperature has dropped to 77 degrees instead or 97. It feels good. It may not last very long, but I will enjoy it while I can.

Angry Sky